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Class Schedule

Timing and days will be decided according to student’s availability.
Classes per week: 3
No of Sessions : 15
Duration: 50 min

One to One or Group

Our Interactive classes are either one to one & with batch of 3 participants.

Completion Certificate

Yes! completion certificate will be provided at the end of the course.


Rs.20,000 or $ 180

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Farhan Jamil

Business, language & mindset mentor

Adeel Hashmi

Actor, Writer & Trainer


Beenish Rehan


Suleman Ansari

teaches Basic & intermediate English

Muhammad Faizan

Advance English & IELTS


Uzma Azhar

teaches Basic & intermediate English


Khurram Shahzad

Business & mindset mentor


Shazia Wadud

Advance English & IELTS

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A training program allows you to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve. … Providing the necessary training creates an overall knowledgeable staff with employees who can take over for one another as needed, work on teams or work independently without constant help and supervision from others.

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Course Description

This course will start off with the most common English greetings. You will learn how to introduce yourself when meeting new people and tell them a little about yourself and where you live. Next, you will learn how to make small talk in English, which is particularly important for business people who want to form a relationship before getting into serious details. You will also be taught how to make suggestions such as having a drink or going out for walk.As you get used to the initial stages of introduction and small talk, you will then learn the art of making polite requests in English and giving opinions. This will be very useful at work especially when talking to your boss or colleagues. Next, you will practice talking in English about your hobbies and things you do in your spare time. So the next time someone asks you “what do you do in your spare time?” you can say “ I study English with SIFE Trainings Pakistan”Learning English can seem overwhelming at times. This course aims to make it easy, boost your social life, and help you have much more enjoyable English conversations. This course is perfect for students who have already completed the free online course and now want to further improve their social English language skills. So, check out the course, learn how to make small talk in English, and get closer to your next perfect English conversation today!

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