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Days: Mon-Wed-FriClasses per week: 3
Course duration: 6 monthDuration: 1 hour 30 min

One to One or Group

Our Interactive classes are either one to one & with batch of 10  participants.

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Yes! completion certificate will be provided at the end of the course.


Rs.120,000 or $ 500

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Uzma azhar

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training program allows you to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve. … Providing the necessary training creates an overall knowledgeable staff with employees who can take over for one another as needed, work on teams or work independently without constant help and supervision from others.

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Course Description

‼️ Spoken English Comprehensive Program for Young Learners! ‼️Young children are natural language acquirers; they are self-motivated to pick up language without conscious learning, unlike adolescents and adults. They have the ability to imitate pronunciation and work out the rules for themselves. Any idea that learning to talk in English is difficult does not occur to them unless it is suggested by adults, who themselves probably learned English academically at a later age through grammar-based textbooks.✅The advantages of beginning early:✔️ Young children are still using their individual, innate language-learning strategies to acquire their home language and soon find they can also use these strategies to pick up English.✔️ Young children have time to learn through play-like activities. They pick up language by taking part in an activity shared with an adult. They firstly make sense of the activity and then get meaning from the adult’s shared language.✔️ Young children have more time to fit English into the daily program. School program tend to be informal and children’s minds are not yet cluttered with facts to be stored and tested. They may have little or no homework and are less stressed by having to achieve set standards.✔️ Children who have the opportunity to pick up a second language while they are still young appear to use the same innate language-learning strategies throughout life when learning other languages. Picking up third, fourth, or even more languages is easier than picking up a second.✔️ Young children who acquire language rather than consciously learn it, as older children and adults have to, are more likely to have better pronunciation and feel for the language and culture. When monolingual children reach puberty and become more self-conscious, their ability to pick up language diminishes and they feel they have to consciously study English through grammar-based program. The age at which this change occurs depends greatly on the individual child’s developmental levels as well as the expectations of their society.Childhood is the best time to learn English, especially if you want to get perfect in Pronunciation, Fluency, Vocabulary, Grammar and Writing Skills. This course will give young learners a great opportunity to enhance their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills with different activities.

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