Teacher education or teacher training refers to the policies, procedures, and provision designed to equip teache
rs with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and skills they require to perform their tasks effectively in the classroom, school, and wider community.
The main objective of teacher education is to develop a skill to stimulate experience in the taught, under an artificially created environment, less with material resources and more by the creation of an emotional atmosphere. The teacher should develop a capacity to do, observe, infer and to generalize.

Why Teacher's Training

Teachers are a crucial and integral part of the education system. A great teacher is crucial to a student’s development and growth. So, how does one become a great teacher? As teachers, we are always concerned about the education the students receive. But rather than focusing on the classroom, we should take a step forward and think that if education is going to improve, we must work on improving initial teacher training.
Teacher learning or training is a continuous never-ending process which promotes teacher’s teaching skills, master novel knowledge; develop better or newer proficiency, which in return assists in improving student’s learning. Researches and some studies have shown when teachers are good at class management students show much more interest in the classes and have better education outcomes comparatively to the situation when the teacher is not so good at classroom management.

Who We Are?

SIFE Trainings is registered with British Council for IELTS and provides innovative, effective and integrated training opportunities for people who need new skills to enjoy the dignity that comes with employment,independence and self-reliance.

What We Do?

We bringing out the best in everyone by providing executive coaching and soft skills trainings of exceptional quality. This result not only increased productivity but also in enhanced personal effectiveness.

Our Goals?

To enable, empower and educate our learners by providing different educational and soft skills trainings.

Benefits of Teacher Training

Benefits of teacher's training for teachers

Teacher training refers to the policies, procedures, and provisions to prepare teachers with the knowledge, skills, and attitude required while dealing with the students effectively in a classroom, school, and wider communities.
Nowadays teacher training programs offer teachers new methods to keep their classroom and curriculum fresh, exciting and highly knowledgeable. They also provide access to new styles of teaching. Teachers nowadays become fully equipped with the skills by joining teacher training programs and are able to effectively transfer their message to the students.

Benifits of teachers training for Students

A teacher is a role model for a child and his first guide towards the journey of life. Teachers learn new and fun ways of teaching in these teacher training programs. They should involve the new games and other methods of teaching to make the concepts even clear to the students. Students would be able to enjoy as well as learn. Teachers seek to inspire students in all aspects of their lives, and for many teachers, their greatest goal is to be a role model. Teachers can inspire an uninterested student to become engrossed in learning. They can motivate them to participate and focus, and even bring introverted students out of their shells.

Benefits of teachers training for Nation

A nation is built by its citizens, citizens are moulded by teachers and teachers are made by teacher-educators. Chanakya has rightly stated, “Teacher is the maker of nation” So for the development of the country, it is very important to have good teachers and good teachers can be produced only if we have a good system of teacher education and dedicated and efficient teacher-educators.
The teacher can be rightly called a nation builder. Teachers through their perseverance love and sacrifices have shown us the right path in which great men have built our nation. It is our dear teachers who mould our character, our personality and show us the right direction which leads us to our final destination.Nowadays teacher training programs offer teachers new methods to keep their classroom and curriculum fresh, exciting and highly knowledgeable. They also provide access to new styles of teaching. Teachers nowadays become fully equipped with the skills by joining teacher training programs and are able to effectively transfer their message to the students.


Recommendation by an Actor and Writer Asim Bukhari"

Thanks to Mr. Asim Bukhari for inspiring us with his worth sharing thoughts with Sife Trainings.

1.Communication Skills

The ability to communicate information accurately, clearly and as intended, is a vital life skill and something that should not be overlooked. It’s never too late to work on your communication skills and by doing so, you may well find that you improve your quality of life.

2.Effective Lesson Planning for Active Learning:

• What is Active learning?
• Planning active learning experiences

Through this workshop, participant will explore the key ingredients of an effective lesson for active learning. They develop a deeper understanding of what active learning is and how to promote active learning in the classroom. The participants will discover ways to make learning explicit, tangible and evident by involving learners in the learning process. Engaged and involved learners in the process of acquiring new knowledge make learning an ongoing, lifelong practice.

3.Teachers as Learners:

• Qualities of a teacher learner
• Key skills of a teacher learner

Learning is fundamental to teaching; thus teaching and learning are inseparable processes. Learning and acquiring knowledge leads to growth. It is imperative that a teacher continues to learn and grow in the teaching profession through various methods, sources and avenues. Becoming extremely aware of such avenues is the key to teachers’ learning. Through this workshop, teachers will establish the primacy of teacher as a seeker of knowledge as much as a provider of knowledge. As a learner, the teacher can develop deep subject knowledge and create opportunities to demonstrate her learning. Participants will explore possible sources of learning for a teacher and ways to keep the qualities of a learner-teacher alive.

4.Effective Classroom Management:

• Classroom Organization
• Essential Criteria for Setting Classroom Rules

Traditional classrooms had been characterized by teacher-centered pedagogy and rewards-and-punishment approach to classroom management. While classrooms have become more learner-centered recently, classroom management has continued to follow the earlier model. This workshop explores classroom management in the context of an active learner centered classroom and helps educators redesign their classrooms where learning is managed effectively instead of managing behaviour.

5.Working with acceptance and Intentions:

Intention-setting can lead to more generative individual and group work because students create inspirational visions of themselves and the way they hope to be prior to engaging in the work. When a student sets the intention to be more empathetic, diligent, generous, or in tune with the needs of their teammates, they’re also setting the stage for more fruitful collaboration.

6.Teachers the Multitask-er:

Multitasking refers to the ability to manage multiple responsibilities at once by focusing on one task while keeping track of others. Multitasking in the workplace most often involves switching back and forth between tasks and effectively performing different tasks.

7.Growth Mindset for Teachers:

“Growth mindset is about embodying it in all the everyday practices that educators do. Presenting material with students’ understanding that you think they can all learn it to a high level. It’s collaborating with students, and giving feedback to them on their learning processes. It’s about helping children to relish challenges, because the challenges can help them grow their abilities.”
So is there value in teaching the concept of growth mindset at all? Growth mindset may not need to be taught explicitly, but children of all ages can benefit from being taught the language of meta-cognition, which allows them to be aware of their own thoughts and of how they make decisions about their own learning and effort.

8.Understanding and Developing high Self esteem:

Teachers play an important role in nurturing a student’s sense of dignity and self-worth. Research about resilience highlights the significant influence of even one adult to help children with learning and attention problems become increasingly hopeful and successful

9.Critical thinking:

Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally about what to do or what to believe. It includes the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking. Someone with critical thinking skills is able to do the following : understand the logical connections between ideas

10.Work Ethic:

Work ethic is a belief that work and diligence have a moral benefit and an inherent ability, virtue or value to strengthen character and individual abilities. It is a set of values centered on importance of work and manifested by determination or desire to work hard.


Reviews shared by the Teachers of the "ALi Garh Public School"

Reviews shared by the Teachers of the “ALi Garh Public School” for the Teacher’s trainings workshop.. Thank you for lovely feedback


Highly Recommends SIFE Training’s Courses to All

Azm Saeed | Principal Consultant at TRACTABLE Highly Recommends SIFE Training’s Courses to All.


Review Shared by Principal Ali Garh School Gulberg, Lhr

SIFE Trainings Pakistan has provided one week training on “Public Speaking for Teachers” to the staff of Ali Garh Public School Gulberg. Thanks to the Principal Ma’am Nargis Faruq for sharing her experience and reviews about the training session.

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